Thursday, September 17, 2009

$ 50 gift card to Beauty From the Earth Giveaway!

Hey lovlies!
If you guys read the last blog, you know that I love Beauty from the Earth! Well, they are so Amazing that they are hosting a random giveaway! You can win $50 gift card for Beauty From the earth! Just Check out their blog for details!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Beauty From the Earth Review!

I'm coming with a review! yay!

Beauty From the Earth Cosmetics!

I just recently recieved some amazing minerals from Beauty from the Earth and I absolutely love them! The color payoff is incredible and they have beautiful bright colors to choose from!

I have already done two looks using Beauty from the Earth: Sigma Makeup September Talent Search using the color Harvest!

My second look is mostly using Beauty from the Earth: Blue Steel. I used the colors Blueberry, Summer Days, and Steel.

I have some other colors to try out!
Here are the minerals I have:
top to bottom & left to right: Harvest, Summer Days, Emerald, Steel, Alakazam(New Fall color that I named =D), Lavish, Mocha Medium, Blueberry

Here are some swatches: ( Note: all swatches done on Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk)

Colors left to right top to bottom: Steel, Summer Days, Harvest, Emerald, Alakazam, Blueberry, Lavish, and Mocha Medium

These eyeshadows are amazing and so easy to blend! I totally recommend them! 5 stars!!!!

Make sure you follow Beauty from the Earth on twitter and on Facebook!

And go out and get some Beauty From the Earth!


Hey fellow bloggers! I know I have not been keeping up my blog up to date at all. I have just been really busy and blogging does take some time to do.. So I am trying to keep up with it now and hopefully get some more post for you! Much Love, Zunn Bugg